talk me into getting started in this biz - Posted by mike

Posted by lyal on October 26, 2000 at 06:50:36:

Mike and Tony, Hope you don’t mind if I jump in here.
Mike, I too purchased the Sheets program some time ago and thought it left too many questions unanswered. I also signed up for an expensive mentoring program and didn’t do anything with that (The mentor was excellent and a real hand holder but I just couldn’t get over the fear part.)
When I first started reading Lonnie’s posts on the original group the light bulb went on. I bought the books and SLOWLY started (I’m a plodding cautious kinda guy to my detriment) putting it into practice. That was about 3 years and 20 mobiles ago. I’ve taken some hits along the way and learned a LOT and now have a business that has kept me busy steadily for the last 18 months. I am working on branching out into other areas of RE because of the comfort level I have developed by “doing mobiles” and the support of the great people here. I have ALWAYS found answers and encouragement (and a kick in the a$$ when I needed it). I have no doubt that mobiles is the best place to start because it is very forgiving. In most cases if you follow Lonnie’s blueprint and post the details of deals here, you will make money. At worst I feel strongly that on a bad deal, you’ll break even. I’ve lost money on 2 mobiles only because deviated from Lonnie’s proven methods. On the first I didn’t build a relationship with the park manager and sat with a home for 9 months while he rejected many good applicants. On the other I got carried away with a rehab and used the wrong people to do it and wound up selling for a grand less than I had in it.
Buy Lonnie’s books, (very inexpensice) and consider the offerings from the other mobile home authorities here (a bit more expensive but the ROI if you put them to use will smoke your calculator.) The authors as well as many other excellent mentors who are out there doing it are here to answer any questions FOR FREE!! Do a couple deals and get to the seminar to learn the many other dimension’s to the business.
All the best, Lyal

talk me into getting started in this biz - Posted by mike

Posted by mike on October 24, 2000 at 20:25:11:

Hello my name is Mike and I just came across this site for the first time today. It looks like these deals are to good to be true. Let me tell you , I have gotten ripped off so many times getting into things that appear good but arent

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Posted by Phil on October 25, 2000 at 12:41:31:

Make your mind up first that whatever you decide on you are going to follow it through until it succeeds. Then investigate this until it runs out your ears. At some point you will make a decision that it is worth it. When you do, take your first step and never look back. This IS a great business with a lot of potential. Do not think though, that it is not without it’s share of pitfalls and and a lot of disappointments. The key is to not give up! I read somewhere that you never fail until you quit. There, you have my two cents worth.

God Bless and good luck,

why? - Posted by Tony-VA

Posted by Tony-VA on October 25, 2000 at 05:37:04:

Forgive me for being blunt, but isn’t the subject of your post a bit demanding? Why would you demand us to convince you to do anything?

We post here so as to provide answers to questions people have about the business. We do so because in teaching, we also learns. We in turn post our questions and look for the same.

It would do us absolutely no good to talk you into creative investing.

The “How to Articles” here should provide a great deal of exposure for you as to the different means of investing. Choose one that peaks your interest. Get suggestions on educational material. Read, listen and learn from that material. Continue your education by reading, posting and emailing others who do what it is you wish to do.

Taking the lazy way out and hoping someone is going to come along and talk you into business, is like asking us to create your business for you, or do your deals for you. Even if we were so generous, what would you learn from it? Nothing. We would still have the education and the experience.

I suggest that you not subject yourself to the persuasive powers of others. I suggest you educate yourself about topics that interest you and create your own business based upon this, not someone else’s argument. Take control of YOUR life and YOUR business.
Our discussions focus around financial independence. Independence, not Dependence upon the persuasion of others.

Best Wishes For Your Success,


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Posted by Karl (OH) on October 25, 2000 at 24:28:58:


Perhaps the reason you’ve gotten ripped off so many times in the past is because you’ve allowed yourself to be “talked into” something before you checked it out thoroughly.

Well, you can check out this business for free. Read all the how to articles and success stories on this site. Scan the posts. If you really get excited, spend $30 bucks and buy the book Deals on Wheels.

After you do all this and realize its a legitimate business, then its all up to you to make it work.

And, yes, this business is too good to be true.

Karl Kleiner

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Posted by mike on October 25, 2000 at 15:17:27:

First of all , I would like to thank everybody for replying to me. Second , I would like like everybody to take note that I wasn’t done typing because my computer kept timing out and I got so aggrevated that I just quit, I didn’t even realize that I hit submit but obviously I did. That being said , I would like a chance to defend myself to the people who think they’re tough. I was not demanding anything. I wanted to say that I Have gone through carlton sheets and Wade Cooks home study programs several times but never had the courage to start. When I came across this website yesterday I was very happy to see how everybody supported each other and I just was going to ask for a little support on where to start and maybe find out who else is involved in your discussions from my area. I put the subject talk me into this biz because I thought it would grab alot of peoples attention who were also once new to the biz and would be eager to reply. As for Mr. Blunt , let me tell you this. You are never going to get very far in life making first impressions on people like that. You have no idea how damaging a first impression could be to people. You didn’t know who I was , where I was from or anything but you still persisted on being a jerk. Let me tell you this from experience. I know what independance is I own 2 sports bars and a fast food restaurant in Chicago
I didn’t get here by letting people teach me anything and I certainly never have to worry about what kind of first impression I’ve left on people when I do business in years to come because I have never left a first impression like that. My bottom line is that we will probly never have to do businsss together but again I am most likely not the first pesron that you have been so blunt with during a first encounter. So just do your self a favor and remember that your little additude may come back to haunt you with other people. As for the people who put nice encouraging replys , thank you again. I am a very nice person and

Re: why? - Posted by Tony-VA

Posted by Tony-VA on October 25, 2000 at 15:47:01:


For starters, take a look at your reaction. You go from demanding us to convince you to start a business you may or may not be interested in, to getting upset because we refuse to mislead you.

Take a deep breath Mike. No one is insulting you. I merely gave you a wakeup call based upon the post that you apparently managed to submit prior to your computer failing. I based my response on what your post read, not what you intended to submit. If it upset you, then you took this as a rejection of yourself instead of your post.

I rejected the tone of your post as dangerous to you for allowing, much less actively soliciting, others to convince you to do something.

This site is supportive and if you decide to take a moment, read my posts. I am confident that you will not find one that is not supportive. I do not fear my attitude coming back to haunt me. My first impression began many, many posts ago. It did not begin with you sir.

If you will take a moment to reread my response to your post, eliminate the personal insult you took it as, you will find that the post is suggesting that you educate yourself, find a topic you are interested in and follow it yourself. Don’t do it because someone persuaded you to do so.

Now if you have calmed down. Think about those statements. What is wrong with that advice? What is there to haunt me because I provided such advice?

Was I blunt? Probably. Did it wake you up? I would say so. The intention was to wake you up before someone sweet talked you out of your money for courses and materials that you will not apply and will likely make you throw in the investment towel. Your post even mentioned that this has already occurred.

I hate to see people misled. I spend a great deal of time posting responses to questions when I feel that my experiences may help another avoid pitfalls and problems. I saw your post as one leading to problems.

In summary, if my post offended you, then you have my apology. If it woke you up to the reality of how dangerous your solication was, then great. You have avoided future dissappointments from courses that are not designed in your best interest yet sold by smooth talking promoters.

I have nothing but best wishes for all investors. I hope to see you become very successful here, as I assume your two bars are.

I would be happy to explain this on the phone if you feel that we can calmly talk investments. If you have no desire to talk, I understand. Should you take me up on this offer, I would be happy to contact you via private email and arrange to speak with you before or after this weekends workshop.

Don’t give up on creative investing simply because you believe your post was taken poorly and bluntly responded to. As you know, rejection is the stepping stone to success. Carry on Mike.

Nothing But Best Wishes For Your Success,


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Posted by mike on October 25, 2000 at 16:27:31:

Tony- I apollogize. I think we got off on the wrong foot simply because of communication. I misled my intentions when I posted talk me into it. Again I appologize. Now that we have cleared the air A little bit , maybe we can get down to the real meaning of me getting involved in this discussion forum. As I stated before , I have purchased Wade Cooks and carlton Sheets courses before(about 4 years ago). When I finished those courses they both had to many questions that sill needed to be answered. Because there were no wonderful websites like this one (that I knew of) I decided that it was maybe a bit to risky. However that did not mean that I did not believe in the stratagies ,I just thought it was to risky to start with only a few manuals as my education but I was still and still am very intriged about the whole thing. I know this is long but I really need to know what is a good starting point. I ultimatly would like to do houses but it seems to me that Mobile homes is a very good place to learn the business and get a feel for dealing with people in this business. Now I am not asking to be your protege or to do any work for me, I am just asking what is a good starting piont. Should I go to seminars or aren’t they very helpful? Should I order the book or the course? I know that this is something that I wan’t to do and I really am sorry for making it seem like I needed to be talked into it.