Talked to first PM. (long) - Posted by Ben_WA

Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA NV on September 25, 2003 at 14:27:28:

Ben you should be able to find the mobile home repo you need from Oakwood. They are in bankruptcy and are cutting some sharp deals. Careful not to cut yourself.

Watch this board for posts by my friend Steve also from your area and e-mail him. I bet he has a deal waiting for you right now and you can EACH buy me Big Mac.

Regards, doc

Talked to first PM. (long) - Posted by Ben_WA

Posted by Ben_WA on August 22, 2003 at 17:42:03:

Well I finally got up enough guts to talk to a park manager and things went so so. After introducing myself I told him what I did and asked him if he knew of any hoimes for sale. He said one for 18k which is way high for the shape it was in, obviously not motivated. Then he tells me that the park doesn’t rent homes out. I responded that the person I put in there will own the home and not be renting. I said I am just providing financing and would have a lien on the home. He still didn’t get it. I think all he heard was the words “monthly payment” and automatically assumed renting. Well I kept him busy cause I could tell he wanted to go sit back down on his butt. After a few more questions he told me that they were lookin to buy a home for one of their lots and were willing to pay up to 10k for it. Now I think I might have an in. They want an 85 or newer but not longer than 52 feet. Do they make them that short anymore? He said either a 26x42 DW or as long as a 52 SW. Well I will keep my eye out cause if I can find a trailer in good shape that fits the description I could possibly make a quick 5k or even more. Maybe I can build some rapport with him if I can make it happen.

So after I left there I decided to try my luck with another park. A nice park with about 100 lots. Talked to a very informative lady. Just asked ?'s and let her ramble on for about 10 minutes about all the happenings in the park. So after getting all the info from her I walked around and found about 5 homes for sale. Then I wen to talk to the PM and he was gone. Well like Arnold said “I’ll Be Back.”

Well that is how my day has gone for me. I would say that is a good start for me and I will keep working hard. I think as soon as I get my first deal done I am goign to be wired and my friends will never see me again.