Talking to a PM - Posted by Paul

Posted by B.A. MARSHALL on August 07, 2003 at 14:35:52:

That park manager is either:
a. Ignorant as to what your proposing, because what you propose is also to his benefit…educate him.
b. An unmotivated park manager that just empties trash cans and collects rent…and cares nothing about park profit and wants to get back to his soap opera before the owner gets back.
c. Doing the same exact thing your doing and is trying to scare you away.

If he won’t play ball, find another park…he would probably just end up making your life miserable in the long run anyway if he’s that clueless.

Talking to a PM - Posted by Paul

Posted by Paul on August 07, 2003 at 05:08:13:

I just went out looking in a park and decided to talk to the PM.I tried to tell him what i would like to do and he almost flipped out.He told me that he knew what i was doing and would have no part of it.All i told him was,that i had a buyer looking for a home and i would carry the terms on the note.Either i’m going about this the wrong way or they don’t understand what i’m trying to do.Could someone help me use the correct words that I should be saying.This is getting so aggravating.I have a Buyers list started but nowhere to put them. Thanks Paul

Re: Talking to a PM - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on August 07, 2003 at 11:58:52:

Sounds like that might not be the right park, either Paul. If the PM or owner are doing the same deals…they want to try to scare you completely out of business, because they may be working in nearby parks as well.
Don’t worry about it. If no approach works for now; try other parks. There ARE some shady characters in this business…and dont let them bother you. I have only done it a little while, and have allready been told it was risky, unprofitable, blah, blah…and then found out the guy that was dissing it has 103 lease-to-own mobile homes, not counting his park with 53 spaces!
Just don’t let them bother you, and don’t ever be intimidated.
Once you get a few in a few other parks, the pm’s will give you good references…and, also, the situation may eventually change in the park you mentioned.

Re: Talking to a PM - Posted by Lyal

Posted by Lyal on August 07, 2003 at 07:35:37:

Have you tried the archives here? Lots of info and several different approaches there.
Search for “talking to park manager”, "approach park manager and variations.
All the best, Lyal

Re: Talking to a PM - Posted by Paul

Posted by Paul on August 08, 2003 at 20:15:56:

I really appreciate the words of encouragement.Thanks for the replies. Paul