Tanant/Buyer ready need help... - Posted by Bill (TN)

Posted by Rob Ricker on July 31, 2003 at 22:08:53:

I’m a broker in Knoxville, Tennessee (live in Morristown). I can do this deal if you’re tenant buyer has the credit to qualify. It’ll be treated just like a purchase with $5,000 down (plus any applicable option money that you may have given them each month). I’ve got a good title company in Knoxville that will do the double close for us. Where are you located?

Tanant/Buyer ready need help… - Posted by Bill (TN)

Posted by Bill (TN) on July 31, 2003 at 12:05:28:

I need help with this if you can fund in TN. and you can possibly do this deal please e-mail me your phone #. This is a sandwich lease option. I lease option this property and already had a buyer lined up the seller knows that I am an investor. The buyers has put dn. 5k and have made all payments on time by personal check. The contract was for one year and has been only eight months, they want to buy early. But the problem I’m having is that I’ve call brokers and they are telling me that it can’t be done. Well I know it can but I’ve never done it so I need a broker that has and can get this done. As of now I have 3 more that will be coming up in the near furture. Thanks Billy