Tax auction in a DEED state

Do I have to wait for a year after wining at a county tax auction in California, before I sell it again to someone else? Does the previous owner have recourse after losing the property to the tax sale? I know this has been discussed before but I can’t find it in the archives. Can someone provide a link please?

Thanks very much in advance.

Sara, you might go to the state tax controller office at the link below and find the info you are looking for.

Generally speaking.

  1. tax is defaulted as of 12:01 July 1st of any year.

  2. state holds it 5 years unless it is nuisance property and then it is 3 years.

  3. state gives if to local tax collector to sell.

  4. most CA cvounties have internet sales site.

  5. Prior owner may have rights even after the sale. I suggest you google Jones vs Flowers, SCOTUS and read it. SEVEN years it took and owner got it back…the courts do not look with favor to taking someone’s property for the simple mistake of not paying taxes.

  6. Quiet title will be necessary to try and clear up the title.

  7. I buy tax liens,for the interest and penalties…NOT…to get property.

Good Luck,
Bill H

Investing dilemma


I used to buy properties on tax deed sales but never certificates. Right now people on tax deed sales go frenzy in bidding and these auctions lost any sense to me. I am thinking about to try certificates and I wonder do buyers lose their mind on these auctions too? How low they bid from maximum in average? And how do you do your research before bidding?

If you could answer with some hints that would help so much to figure out which way to go in further investing.


Bill has provided some good info.

Flip it around a bit. Until you can get title insurance you will have a hard time selling the property to anyone other than a savvy investor. Once a title insurance company is happy with the title you should be good to go. In other words, ask them what they need so they can issue a policy.

T Co for quick title answer

The quick way in any state to get answer on question of title is to go in and ask local title co officer as those LPOs (ltd practice officer) live with his/her state RE title laws daily and are an encyclopedia of RE knowledge.

Sara, for title insurance you might try Tax Title Services at the link above.

As John Corey said,look this thing over…mull it a bit, is it worth the time and effort…what are the possible problems…do not get the “The boat is leaving and I am not on it” syndrome…believer me you can get seriously burned in this part of the real estate industry…all that glitters is NOT gold.

Lubasha, yes tax lien purchases has escalated to a very competetive situation.

Major, Major banks and other financial institutions are much in the mix.

Again my advice is BUY for the interest and penalties NOT to try and get property.

Bilol H