TAX DEED SALES - Posted by Godfrey

Posted by Bill H on October 08, 2003 at 13:15:38:


Been doing them for several years now. Your bet best for answers to all you questions is to do a search on all the boards you frequent. Search the archives for “Tax Sales” and you will turn up lots of info.

In general:

  1. Each state is different.
  2. Some states give you the deed.
  3. Some states give you a lien.
  4. Some states give you a certificate.
  5. In ALL states there is a RISK Factor involved.
  6. There are tax sales and tax resales.
  7. Redemption periods vary from short to long.

If you chose to enter the tax arena…invest for the interest and penalties and NOT in the hopes of hitting the home run you see on late night TV.

Do not believe the late night TV Infomercials. You got about as good a chance of hitting the Florida Lottery as you have of getting a house for taxes.

After your search of the archives…if you still have questions…repost and someone will assist you.

Good Luck,

Bill H

TAX DEED SALES - Posted by Godfrey

Posted by Godfrey on October 08, 2003 at 12:32:49:

Hi. I am wondering if anyone out there has done tax deed sales and how risky are they? I am a full time investor who is thinking about adding this strategy to my investing career. I live in fla. Once you win the bid do you own the property free and clear? By the way, we also have tax certificate sales, but for now I am only interested in the tax deed sales. I think that you can acquire the property if you are the successfull bidder, I think! Anyone out there that is familiar with this strategy please let me know something. Thank you in advance.