tax foreclosure - Posted by dalton

Posted by Bill H on June 11, 2007 at 09:21:01:

Not an attorney and this is not legal advice. I buy lots of tax liens, etc.

Yes, unfortunately it may well withstand any challenge you put up. All depends on the judge you get if you chose to challenge it.

Taxing agencies have literally millions of pieces of property thye assess each year. Every state that I know of says it is incumbent upon the property owner to maintain a correct address information.

Some states even say that lack of receipt of a tax bill is NOT sufficient cause for revoking the tax sale. IT it YOUR resosniblity to keep records current.

Imagine having to check millions of addresses each year. When all the property owner had to do is update his own records. Simple matter of going down to the courthouse and updating it.

Why didn’t you just simply probate the property and forgive the brother for his taking the cash.

If the proeprty has gone to tax sale and your state has no redemption period you may be out of luck and have lost it.

Your only recourse would be th challenge it in court, present you case, hope for the best snd see what happens.

If your state has a redemption period, go down, pay the taxes and penalties, update the address and be done with it.

If it has not yet gone to tax sale…GO PAY THE TAXES and PENALTIES…NOW!

Good Luck,
Bill H

tax foreclosure - Posted by dalton

Posted by dalton on June 11, 2007 at 08:16:14:

mom has been dead for 10 yrs. her will was never probated due to the fact that everything was left to me and my brother who’s name was put on her bank accounts 6 wks prior to her death withdrew all monies after her death. I did not want to prosecute him. There is a home with an acre of land that I have been living on still titled in her name. I fell behind on the taxes (my fault and I admit that) and the county foreclosed. All correspondence from the county regarding any matter with the property had always been addressed to mom in care of me. The one and only notice that I recieved, came addressed to me and me alone by common mail. Had my name been on the deed I would have been able to secure funds to pay of the taxes. Since mom’s name is the only one on the deed was the notification proper?