Tax Roll Information - Posted by Nikki

Posted by Lloyd Cook, Los Angeles on January 24, 2002 at 24:13:11:

If you know and use a title company for your business, they will usually give you access to online property information for free. If you don?t know anyone, i.e. you are new at this business, you can go to the tax collector, county recorder, or other, depending on what county and state you are in and find out the last known owner for little or no cost except your time. Or you can (God forbid) pay for a service.

Tax Roll Information - Posted by Nikki

Posted by Nikki on January 23, 2002 at 11:27:58:

Does anyone know how to get information off the internet about junker houses please let me know. (i.e…owner of the house)

I was listening to my course and it stated if I came across a junker house to take down the address and go home and search Tax Roll to get all the owners information. I did just what he said but if I want any property information I would have to become a member of that website and pay a monthly fee.