tax sale issue - Posted by steve

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on September 08, 2003 at 16:21:56:


If you have not done so, ask the city agency handling things if there is some way to speed up your getting your specific deed.

Ask the buyer to pay you anyway and trust that you’ll deed the property over once you get title.

Give the buyer a deed to the property, taking the buyer’s money. Tell the buyer not to record this deed until s/he sees the deed to you recorded or you call telling them that it has been recorded. For this technique you better consult an attorney. I think that your deed would be valid, but I’m not certain.

Wait until you get your deed then get the money and give your deed to the new buyer.

Approach the former owners of the property and get all of them to deed you the property with a quit claim deed. You will now have ownership, without waiting for the city’s folk to do their thing. This particular procedure is risky in some state, not others. This might stir the former owners into rushing down and paying the delinquent taxes. In some states, this would redeem the property from the tax sale and thus you would not get ownership of the property. In other states this is no concern, the sale forecloses out their right of redemption and they will not be able to prevent you from your ownership. So know which way things work in your state before you use this approach. Of course, you really should already know this. If you followed my advice you, would not buy tax sales properies until you had read and understood the state laws about the collection of delinqunet property taxes.

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tax sale issue - Posted by steve

Posted by steve on September 08, 2003 at 14:18:41:

I bought a property at a tax sale the deed is tied up at the city goverment I have a buyer but the deed won’t be done for atleast another month is there anyway to sell the property and take care of the deed work when it comes in . I know there is probally nothing that you can do about this situation but I thought i would ask.