Tax Time Ideas...let's hear some !! - Posted by Chuck-NY

Posted by JHyre in Ohio on February 06, 2001 at 07:06:00:

I have a collection of decent things…new drills, TV’s, etc. from repos…anymore new electronics are really cheap anyway. A store near me is going out of business, so everytyhing is 50%+ off. Maybe a propmo…prepay $1500 with tax return, get a free TV type of thing.

John Hyre

Tax Time Ideas…let’s hear some !! - Posted by Chuck-NY

Posted by Chuck-NY on February 05, 2001 at 19:17:13:

Besides offering 110% credit per John Hyre’s post…
which I will be implementing shortly…thanks John…
what other tax ideas do you have that will get our
buyers an incentive to take some of their tax return $$
and end up with a win/win deal for both our buyers
& us?? Maybe $1,000 discount off their principal
balance if they pay off their loan within 60 days?
Let’s hear some more ideas !!
Now is the time to act !!