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Posted by Sandy FL on December 02, 1998 at 19:55:48:

I was one of those travelling nurses for many years. Thats how I wound up in Florida! (the first time)

Anyway, I think the company which hires the employees goes ahead and signs the long term lease agreement with the property owner. The employer may pay for one year whether they have an employee staying there or not. The companies I worked for generally only used “corporate type” apt’s - larger complexes with amenities, but I am
sure there are some exceptions to the rule. And then,
many of the employees just opt to take the stipend and
rent their own choice of housing for the term of their

There is a plethora (theres a karp word for ya) of
temporary health employers in S Fla that a landlord
could call and find out if they have housing needs.
“The season” began at Thanksgiving.

Sandy FL


temporary tenants - Posted by MilNC

Posted by MilNC on December 02, 1998 at 10:56:13:

Has anyone any experience with companies that deal in
executive housing-not sure if that’s what you call it.

There are a lot of people travelling as temp nurses, and
allied health, and the employment companies offer the
traveller a housing stipend of about $800 or they pay
for housing up to that amount, and the traveler can
pay the difference; guaranteed to be in a safe area. Can be
an apt or house. Usually want a washer/dryer.

The traveller pays phone and electric and pet deposit if
any. The assignments are from 1-3 months, usually 3.

The traveller/tenant does not sign the lease-that is signed
by the company–I’m not sure if it’s the employment company
or the housing company, and I’m not sure what happens if
the deal falls through-the job doesn’t work out --that’s rare. I don’t know what the impact is on the landlord, though I imagine the contracts protect all parties, (except the traveller)or else
no one would do them. I’ve had apts for one month and 3
months in complexes that have a year minimum. I don’t know what sort of additional fee, if any, might have been paid
to the landlord for the short-term lease.

It’s a bad career move to trash a place, so tenants are
pretty good.

So maybe that would be a way to get a low-risk short term

What situations would arise that would make someone want
to get a short-term good tenant?