Terminology regarding subdividing land


I’m trying to get my terminology correct.

If I have a parcel of land with an APN, and I then subdivide that land; is a second APN created? Or does that subdivision become 2 lots on 1 parcel/APN ? Or something else entirely?

Also, when referring to “property” should I think of it as the specific Lot or parcel of land, plus any structures and/or natural resources, as opposed to say 2 lots on one parcel (one APN) being the “property”. What’s your definition of “property” ?

In addition to the terminology I’m trying to understand the life cycle and relationships involved in regard to subdividing a parcel. I suppose that might also be referred to as “the process” by which one subdivides and the results of each step in the process.

Thank you in advance!


I would go with the terminology used by the local property assessor. I would assume they would create a new number as in the event you decide to sell it would need to be a separate record.