Thanking Lisa and William-William's response to Shelva - Posted by Betsy

Posted by Betsy on December 12, 1999 at 13:50:38:

Thanks for responding. William’s message to Shelva confirmed what I know to be true even tho’ I have been reluctant to apply spiritual principles to making money. Making money just to make money? That didn’t sit right with me. Perfecting myself, spiritually, was my goal. As long as you gotta’ make money tho’, it might as well be alot. I have given ALOT in return for paychecks-not enough compensation for what I put into the work! Heard this before? I thought if I put this much energy into my own business I would get better returns and rewards. It’s scary that it’s time to do that, and to find out how much my energy is really worth. I just learned recently that fear and excitement produce the same physiological reactions in the body. I guess they’re interchangeable in a way.