Thanks for the Responses! - Posted by Jim LaVerdi

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on December 31, 1999 at 10:34:43:

This is a forum for discussing real estate related items.
Your previous post was removed because it was a personal
attack which, if you read our Editorial Policy, is not
allowed here.

Given the length, detail and complexity of your “12
Questions” post, along with the fact that a land trust
is a legal matter and not a “simple” topic, the “buy a
course” response offered by several posters is a
legitimate and valid answer.

Thanks for the Responses! - Posted by Jim LaVerdi

Posted by Jim LaVerdi on December 31, 1999 at 10:11:35:

Dear People,

I would like to thank all of the kind fellow investors that responded to my post. This site is, and continues to be the information capitol of the Real Estate community. I am very happy with a lot of the responses I recieved both in the Newsgroup and in my email. I am also very disappointed in some of the responses I received from a few of the “Seasoned” investors here also! It shocks me to see such responses to a few questions asked of a professional from a newbie!. The questions , I believe should be just ignored if you are not willing to answer them in a professional way. I am just beginning in my Real Estate Investing career and I too, have a lot of questions asked of me from people that want to know “How to” answers. I gracefully give them the answers and still, like I was told tell them that they should invest in a coarse so that they can get more detailed information concerning their interests, however I would not just say “Buy a Course Like the Rest of Us!”. That is crude & selfish and I would not allow myself to be in that position. Also if the answer I received was the right answer, then why was my response to the person “Deleted” from this newsgroup? I had not included any vulgarity, or obscene language in it. I simply stated my thoughts and even included my Best Wishes to everyone to have a Happy New Year!, and that I would answer any questions to people that needed answers concerning investing (If I knew the answers of course). Like I said previously this is a great site and for the most part, the people here are very helpful and the information is endless. I just believe that if anyone here, including myself, doesn’t have a helpful answer to someones inquiry, they should just leave it alone!.. “Delete” their answer, not mine! so some other newbie just getting started doesn’t get discouraged by reading a post response such as that, and not the views of someone who is willing to help others. My questions surely would have helped others too, not to the point of a full blown education that the course would give, but the basic insight to Land Trusts and their mechanics. I believe that it would help sell more of the courses! Oh well, that’s just my opinion. Just a note here: (What would that person say if every seller that he wants to buy a house from tells him “Go get a loan from a bank like the rest of the people!” if you want to buy my house? Where would creative finance be for him then?

Happy New Year everybody!, and Thanks again to everyone who responded. (End of Discussion)