Thanks Lonnie for the idea... - Posted by Chuck-NY

Posted by Lonnie on April 03, 2002 at 06:40:10:

Congratulations, Chuck. Yours is a good example of how to use the concept to sell something you no longer want, but can?t sell for cash. It?s not about MH?s, cars, houses, etc., it?s about financing. And that?s where the money is.

Best wishes,


Thanks Lonnie for the idea… - Posted by Chuck-NY

Posted by Chuck-NY on April 02, 2002 at 20:02:18:

A few years ago I remember Lonnie saying that you can take the “Lonnie” concept of buying & selling MHs and apply that concept to other things…so I did…

Two weeks ago I was having a hard time selling my 1988 Dodge Caravan…high milage, dies in drive, etc. etc.
I was asking $950 then had dropped it to $750.

I ended up selling it to my PMs boyfriend for $400 cash
and a note as follows:

$350 paid at $25/wk. for 14 weeks at zero interest.
I let him have the title…why?..several reasons…mainly I was willing in my own mind to accept $400 for the car because of its condition…I see the weekly payments as gravy !! I had to see it that way in case I never saw any
payments. The good news is he paid the first payment on time
(oh yeah…I did add in the note a $5.00 late charge if later
than 5 days)and the second payment should be here by the end of this week. I also gave him 14 #10 envelopes with my address sticker on them…all he has to do is add a stamp.

Thanks Lonnie …it was FUN !!