Thanks Lonnie!!! - Posted by MasonNV

Posted by MasonNV on November 24, 2000 at 16:21:42:

Lonnie –

Just received your books…I was worried I’d have to wait when I placed my order 5 days ago…thought with thanksgiving and all it might be 2 weeks before I got my hands on the info. I’ve been itching for five days, and I popped the tape into my car and drove around for a while. Sounds to me like this is the perfect business for me. My family is in the car business out here, (my father owns a dealership)…I was brought up in used car sales, but with a passion for real estate. My father thinks in the same way you do, he’s never given me a dime unless I worked for it.

I think mobiles are a good way for me to start in RE because it seems to be a perfect meld between real estate and used cars…I’m excited to read the books today and get started tommorrow, I’m also excited that me and my dad’ll have something new to talk about at dinner…I’m sure he can answer alot of questions I might have (taxes, DMV, etc.)

Long story short…THANKS LONNIE…next time you’ll hear from me, I will have closed my first deal!

Take Care,

Mason Nostrom
Las Vegas, NV