thanks lonnie - Posted by mike in alabama

Posted by Bobby TN on February 03, 2001 at 08:14:14:

Hi Mike
Here is an example
You buy MH for 2500 and sell for 5000 with 500 down
for 36 months
To get payment enter in TVM third row from top
N 36 PV 4500 I 12.75 press Compute top left this will show - 195.32 ( not correct don’t have my BA TI II handy)

To get yield
enter N 36 PV 2000 PMT -195.32 Compute I this is your yield of98 %

thanks lonnie - Posted by mike in alabama

Posted by mike in alabama on February 02, 2001 at 11:29:58:

thank you lonnie for your reply. can’t wait to see the
t value program. i need to ask you another question if
i may. i’ve read your first book. understand it perfectly.
can’t wait to read the next one. my problem/question is
i have a texas instrument BAII plus financial calculator.
does real estate but i lost instructions. i need to know
how to work the equation to run the numbers. also how do
you get yield? some of us folks never used this type of
math( compounding interest,etc.). I would be your friend
forever if you could teach me how to do this. i think it
would be like riding a bike, a little wobbly at first but
once you know how you become a pro at using this mighty
machine called a financial calculator. your help is most
appreciated. my wife finds it so hard to believe that
you actually take the time to answer folks. i told her
that’s what makes you real. that finally we may have found
a better way and we don’t have to walk this journey all
alone. we’re brand new and very much tired of our JOB’S.
i told her when we finally get our belly’s full of all the
craziness involved in a job(office politics,poor pay with
no chance for advancement, no recognition, and cannot
afford retirement, etc.) we will have to take this leap
of faith if we ever hope to do better. mostly because what
we’ve been doing ain’t working(fulltime jobs). my step-
daughter is about to turn 11 years old. my wife works in georgia mon. thru thur. away from ala and us. so you can
obviously see the lack of family togetherness. i work every
other weekend, she doesn’t work weekends so that means we have 2 wkends a month as a family. child stays with grand-
ma during week while we work. as i said when we get our
bellies full enough of this(which i already have and she’s
there to i believe) we’ll get moving. well enough of my
rambling. i thank you most kindly for your generous time
and response. we will be seeing you at atlanta for your
pre-convention seminar. sorry we can’t do the conv. itself
this year, but i have a very strong feeling we’ll be there
next year. adios!