Thanks! - Posted by Leslie C. Ray

Posted by Leslie C. Ray on May 05, 1999 at 01:11:20:

Dear Comrades:

Please forgive the fact that I am probably doing this the wrong way but I want to say ‘thanks!’ to everyone who sent me information. I probably am supposed to click somewhere and connect directly to you but I still don’t know what’s happening so I’m sending another general message.

I am encouraged that there is life after bad tenants and preposterous city ordinances. I will start with the book ‘Landlording’. I will e-mail you, Santina, as soon as I figure out how this News Group permits that without the e-mail address. (Also, I’ve got to call my computer guru friend to find out why my computer keeps giving me this weird message whenever I click on somebody’s e-mail address.)

Thanks, again. Love you all!