Thanks - Posted by Lonnie

Posted by Lonnie on April 25, 2000 at 18:08:29:

Hi Folks,

Welcome aboard. And, I want to thank all of you for your support and friendship over the years. And many thanks to Ernest Tew and Ray Alcorn for being willing to take time from their busy schedule, and share their vast amount of wisdom and knowledge with all of us. Together, I hope we all can contribute to your success, as well as learn from your experiences.

I may not be able to show up as much as I would like for the next couple weeks. But I’m sure Ernest and some of the other MH experts can handle all your questions. Right now,
I’m up to my eye-balls with things that I should have done yesterday. I’m almost out of both books, so I have to get them ready for the printer. Computer problems that still aren’t completely solved, and deals that I can’t refuse seem to be falling out of the sky. And to think, I was “officially retired”. What happened?

And thanks so much to my very good friends, JP and Terry. Your web site, and conventions, have not only made it possible to meet and become friends with so many great people, but have also had such a tremendous and positive impact on so many lives. Good deals come and go, but a good friend is a life-long treasure. Thank you for being our friend.