The Beginning Of A New Year?. - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on January 04, 2001 at 22:41:17:


Thank you for showing an interest. Terry and I are talking about that now.

Ed Garcia

The Beginning Of A New Year?. - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on January 01, 2001 at 11:31:06:

The Beginning Of A New Year?.

Well, another year has passed. For some of you, it was a good year, for others, it didn’t turn out the way you hoped it would.

No Matter, it’s GONE.

The interesting thing about a New Year, is that it’s the beginning of a NEW DAWN. It always gives you a FRESH NEW START.
If your previous year was a good one, you can pick up where you left off and continue to build from the previous year. If not, You’ve got a brand new start, wipe the slate clean, Nelly bar the door, because here you come.

When we begin a New Year, we usually start out with a New Years Resolution. This year, why don’t you do something a little different? Why don’t you start out with a GAME PLAN? In that GAME PLAN, you’ll have to have goals that you can accomplish, and time frames, you can accomplish them in.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It was Einstein that said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” So go for it.

Don’t dwell on last year, but focus on this one. Again words of wisdom from my old friend Al, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So with a new year, we need new thinking.

Be good to yourself, appreciate yourself, you’ve made it this far, and now it’s time to blow the training wheels and GO FOR THE GUSTO. Now that you have put together your game plan, you need to ATTACK IT. Attack is a word of ACTION, and that’s what you need to do, is take action. You’ve got no body to compete with but yourself, but don’t be easy on yourself. Push yourself; lets see what you are made of.

Make sure you change two words this year. Change the words I Can’t, to I WILL.

Many people think that POSITIVE THINKING is a state of mind. Take that to the next level, make it a LIFE STYLE. There is only one thing that can hold you back this next year, and that’s you. Don’t allow it, don’t have time for it.

Well, that’s it, I can’t give you too much for your first day of the year. LOL

Thank you, for allowing me to share my thoughts with you, and Happy New Year,

Ed Garcia

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