The best thing I got from the convention... - Posted by Jim Beavens

Posted by Jim Beavens on March 08, 1999 at 19:08:00:

…was a complete turnaround in my attitude and thinking. I never realized it, but I had convinced myself that none of the stuff on this site would work in my area. The only thing I thought would work was using my own cash to put 20% down on cheap apartment buildings in another state 2,000 miles away (big thanks go out to Jim Piper and Mark Riddle for sharing their thoughts on my Kansas City investments; I’m going to stick with those buildings on Troost, but you can bet I’ll be getting a whole lot more aggressive in my own backyard).

Now, not only do I know that I can buy as many houses as I could ever want in my own neighborhood, but I have a very unexpected feeling of power and confidence because I was the only person in my whole town who attended the conference and was able to take advantage of all the resources and people there. And I tried to find everybody else who lived nearby so that I could make sure we’d all work together instead of as competition. Now I honestly feel I have a big leg up on any other investor in my area, despite the fact that I haven’t done a single deal.

As an added incentive, I signed up to go to the Atlanta workshop with Ed and Terry in June, so I figure I have 3 months to get my butt in gear and get some experience working my area. I hope to start building up some working capital so I can best take advantage of what they’re going to offer there.

I went to Dallas to get a motivational kick in the butt, and now I can’t sit down because it hurts so much.

Thanks to EVERYBODY involved!

Jim Beavens