THE CONVENTION - Posted by Garth

Posted by Robert McNeely on January 14, 1999 at 20:07:48:

Sorry, it was in Vegas last year. Well worth the investment! (don’t think of it as an expense)

THE CONVENTION - Posted by Garth

Posted by Garth on January 14, 1999 at 06:13:15:

I’m really thinking of going to Dallas for the convention. Especially after reading Rich Dad and realizing education is key. Can you guys who went last year pump me up and let me know how you feel about the course. It’s a big cost for me (but small investment I know) if I do this.
Also, where was the course held last year? (sounds corny, but I wish it was in Vegas or Seattle or someplace I could extend and make a vacation out of it too - not knocking Dallas though)

Yes, You should sign-up - Posted by Mark R in KCMO

Posted by Mark R in KCMO on January 15, 1999 at 11:40:19:


The convention was worth every penny and as Robert states it was in Las Vegas.

When you combine all the contacts, the knowledge, and being around like minded people who know how to get things done, there is nothing quite like it.

I remember from several posts last year the number of people that got there investments turbo-charged.

New Concepts, New perspectives, Excellence in different subjects are yours for the asking.

I can not say stongly enough that the convention is a key event.

Hope this help

Feel Free to E-mail me with any questions that you may have.

Mark R in KCMO