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I’m in the middle of purchasing a house from an owner who was foreclosed on. Yes, you can use a purchase agreement to buy it from him but you should specify that the underlying encumberance must be paid at closing. (The title company will require it as well but I like keeping things locked up tight.)

You shouldn’t have trouble with new owners in there since the bank can’t move on it until the redemption period is over and the owner is usually still in possession of the premises during redemption (at least they are here in Michigan). In the case of the house I’m buying, the bank had an appraisal done as part of their foreclosure procedings and we were able to use that when applying for a new mortgage.

Expect to see quite a difference between the mortgage balance he had before the foreclosure and the amount necessary to redeem the property. The bank in our deal added almost $6,000.00 to the balance for back payments, legal fees, appraisals, funding the tax escrow deficiency, advertisiments of the sale, etc,. etc. Get a payoff letter from the bank stating the redemption amount needed before you make your offer.

One other thing. Make sure the closing is BEFORE the redemption period is over. The bank doesn’t HAVE to allow redemption after that date and they will usually make you wait and buy it through either them or their broker (At full FMV, of course). Most banks have realized what we investors have known all along:

There’s gold in them thar’ houses!

They’ll be just as eager to pocket your profit as you are if you miss the redemption date.

Hope all of this helped. Feel free to email me if I can be of any other assistance

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I just want to thank everyone on this website who have been so helpfull…I Closed on my first Duplex and I owe it to you people who got me motivated. I bought it with No Down payment, and made $2,500 off the back, and will collect $500 each month in my pocket after expences

What my question is, I have this friend who lost his house at an Auction on Sept 10. He has a 6 month redemption period. I’m not to familiar with REDEMPTION PERIOD, but was told this is a period where the owner has a time to buy back the house if they can pay the Mortgage in full .

His Mortgage is for $55,000. But the house is worth $90,000 now. Is there a way I can buy the place from him for $55,000 so can he can pay off the mortgage even though the house was sold already at an auction?

My concerns are, How to get in the house to get it Appraised if there is new owners?

Also…Does the Owner in Redemption have the power to enter a Purchase agreement with me to present to my mortgage company?

Any information would be helpful.