The Month's Motivated Movers - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on September 16, 2003 at 16:54:25:

I received a call from a young lady who was interested in the mh I have on 1 acre in her kids school district. She rents a nice 3/2 built home, but was considering moving so she could stay in the same school district. Her landlord was going to sell the house she was in and she needs to move.
Her husband makes 45k per year installing sattelite dish, and they have 2k for a down.
Now they may not buy, but because of the “keeping the kids in their school” thing, it made a motivated buyer.

I promised my kids I would never move them unless a really weird situation came up. I have passed over some good real estate deals and even 1 job prospect not to move my kids. I understand the strength of this motivation.
However, I did threaten to leave my 10 year old son with my folks in Colorado, during vacation, with my parents.(They were camping in a large RV) He was being bad and I said, “Hey, I still wouldn’t be moving out of your school district! YOU would be out of your school district!” It was in fun.

The school district I bought this land/home deal in is the second fastest growing in the state some people tell me. I know it is in high demand.

Thanks for your input,

The Month’s Motivated Movers - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on September 16, 2003 at 07:12:42:

I didn?t realize how much the timing during the month motivates buyers. I knew it motivated sellers. Now I am starting to encounter folks who start to call on ads from the 12-20th of the month. They need time to get moved. I have had people calling almost insisting that I show them a home. That or wanting to take it without looking at it. Of course, I won?t do that. They may be desperate because they are a bad credit risk. But when young couples have kids in school it severly limits their choices of homes if they don?t want to move out of their current school district and they only have a limited time to move. I guess they would be The Month?s Motivated Movers

Re: The Month’s Motivated Movers… long - Posted by Steven(SC)

Posted by Steven(SC) on September 16, 2003 at 15:21:30:

Hello Philip,
This post really hits home about limited to the area you can move to without changing your childrens school.
My Wife and I were thinking of selling our 3 bedroom home and buying a 4 bedroom in the same school district that our 6 yr. old and 8 yr. old currently go. NOT SO EASY TO DO> The town we live in has 2 different Elementary schools within about 3 miles of each other. So to move just a mile or two could mean our children would have to change schools. I believe that buyers would buy small mobiles even if they had the credit to buy a house if it meant their kids could stay at the same school. Like you say in your post, This could be a big motivation for buyers.
Just wanted to post a perspective from a Parent who would make a home purchase decision on the fact of being able to stay in the same school district.
Another note to mention, Possibly investing in mobiles in a certain school district that has a reputation for being better than surrounding schools, would be a great selling point, and if you rented the property it would rarely be vacant. Usually there is a school in every county that stands out above the rest, Take advantage of this if possible.