The scales are falling!!! The scales are falling... - Posted by Mark_TX

Posted by Mark_TX on March 21, 2000 at 21:01:59:

I was on the phone last night with another investor who frequents this board and we were talking about ideas.

Now, a lot of you may have heard about this, but as a new person (me) who is developing right before my own eyes, and in light of some of the recent posts, I thought it might be pretty neat to share this thought.

This experienced investor tells me to pull out a dollar bill. All I had was a $20.

Hey you?yeah, you, the person reading this post?follow the white rabbit, and?

pull one out, I don?t care, a $1, $5, $10, $20, or, $10,000 bill (whatever you have handy), and look at it.

The most significant thing that bent my mind last night was there on the left hand side of my $20 bill, below the round symbol and above the signature.

“This NOTE is legal tender for all debts, public, and private”


Do you see it? Do you get it? Money is an idea, it is NOT real!

Even the thing, the image, that we conjure up in our brains when somebody says the word, ?money,? is not really money. But, we have been conditioned to imagine that money is a piece of paper. Well, it is my observation that the piece of paper you are holding in your hand right now has nothing to do with what money really is!

Let me explain.

Every time we exchange one of those green pieces of paper, we are accepting a “note”, (do you recognize the same vocabulary that we use as investors?) a ?promise? to pay, or, more accurately a ?promise? of value, from the U.S. Government. This public group has “created” money/value that didn’t exist, and tied it to a piece of paper! Furthermore, that they don’t even have anything to back up this perception of value; what are they, something like 44 trillion dollars in debt?!? (of course, that is just perception, too.) Talk about bad credit sheesh

Ideas are swirling around in my head. To be honest, I have only done a couple of deals?well to be perfectly honest, I have done one complete deal and half of another. Although, I think things are beginning to become clearer and clearer, ?Mark, The Matrix has you??