Things Learned

Usually in a new year we set goals and dreams looking forward.

Today I spent a few moments reflecting on some lessons learned in the past instead.

For instance,

Just because a guy can fix something does NOT mean he can paint it!

Just because a guy can paint something does NOT mean he can fix it!

Feel free to post and pass along some of your hard earned lessons or words to live by.


Just because you see someone else make a certain move, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should, or shouldn’t do the same thing (except for 3500 watt elements).

You don’t have to buy every good land/home deal that you find.

It can take awhile to get used to new things like the new creonline format, but you eventually do.

Sometimes you really do need a bigger hammer, other times you just need a better angle and lighter tap.


One of the firs mottos I created for myself years ago was “good enough for trailers.”

When I first started in the mobile home game I didn’t know how to fix anything. I didn’t have a bunch of tools or even a truck when I bought my first park.

The first few projects I attempted on my own were very challenging. I asked a lot of questions and watched others if I could and then I jumped in. I figured it was worth trying because no matter what I did it would be an improvement over what was currently there.

At the end of these projects I sometimes would think it could be done better but it was still “good enough for trailers.” The homes always rented and people were not picky and like most who do their own work, I could see small mistaked but the tenants never noticed. Nothing is going to be perfect but with a little effort, anyone can make it “good enough for trailers.”


Tarheel T, you made me laugh out loud.


More things learnt

Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean its a good deal!

  1. I’d much rather buy a home in nice shape, then buy a cheaper or free one, and do a complete rehab. My time has value.

  2. Pertaining to LD’s only… if you do not have the full cooperation and a great relationship of park management or ownership, you are wasting your time (and perhaps money).

“Learning Curve”

That sounds too much like a nice bend in the road with a pleasant view.

My learning “curves” often look more like the curves on the wiley coyote / roadrunner cartoon.


If I think a job is going to take an hour, it will always take two (or three).

My idea of “nice” and my customer’s idea of “nice” are at waaaay different ends of the spectrum.

Objects on the couch, stay on the couch. As our friend Steve-WA says, Get Off the Couch

:wink: . . .