Thinking of making a big decision... but would like some advice. - Posted by Bert

Posted by Mark L. Jackson on April 08, 2000 at 07:26:16:

Tom Hopkins is one of the BEST sales trainers in the world. His book is far and away the best for learning the sale process. (you are in sales whether you know it or not) The other book I would recommend is Zig Ziglar’s “See you at the top” and “Secrets of Closing the sale”. I was fortunate to start my career taking classes from both these men. They are far and away the class of the fields. Others are o.k., but you will learn to sell in these books.

Thinking of making a big decision… but would like some advice. - Posted by Bert

Posted by Bert on April 05, 2000 at 15:40:06:


I am a 21 year old college student with sub par credit. I have seen the Carleton Sheets infomercial numerous times. The more times i watch it, the more i believe that i can make it work. The no down payment is what appeals to me. But i have a hard time seeing myself being takin seriously if i were to purchase a house.

I would just like some advice and opinions from you more experienced posters.

Thank you for any help and feel free to email me.

would like some advice…? Create your credibility…some ideas… - Posted by Kelvan

Posted by Kelvan on April 30, 2000 at 24:59:49:

My circumstances: 26 years old, $12,000 in collections, living paycheck to paycheck and thinking nobody would take me seriously because I still look like a kid to most people (dang baby face )…so…I made a game out of it. I always approached sellers with the “higher authority” approach by saying “we” a lot in the conversation. I wore my gold-rimmed accounting glasses and spoke professionally (key here, learn the real estate lingo). Part of the game in my mind was, “I don’t need this deal.” I had walkaway power. No matter how much you’re tempted, don’t live or die with your offer. You don’t need to hit a home run in your first major league at-bat.

One other thing I used repeatedly until the first offer was accepted was this. They would inevitably ask who else was in this with me (your dad? an uncle?). I would chuckle…“Oh, I think they wish they were in my line of business. But actually, my partners and I keep very busy looking for properties. We get together and discuss the one’s we’ve visited and make a decision from there.”

If you can learn the lingo, present yourself professionally, and have some good responses prepared, they WILL take you seriously. Also remember this. If you put just one deal together every six months, you’re going to retire at age 30 with 18 properties/flips under your belt. That spells retirement, amigo. My guess is that even if it takes 6 months for the first deal, it won’t take that long for the second or the third, etc.

You’ll build knowledge, industry contacts, a system you’re comfortable with and be turning deals left and right.

P.S. I can’t qualify for conventional bank financing, didn’t own my own home, or have a line of credit to work with.

I have a couple newspaper ads I’ve used with overwhelming response and a pretty good “I’m not low-balling you” worksheet. I get the info off the internet to fill it in and present it with the offers if they seem low-ball. If you have Microsoft Publisher, I can email you the template.


Re: Thinking of making a big decision… but would like some advice. - Posted by Scott

Posted by Scott on April 25, 2000 at 13:45:00:

Dear worried (yet understandable) one,

You should consider perhaps saving your money and obtain, in my opinion, equal and/or better information reading up on REI and author Robert G. Allen. Many people have stated that they pretty much preach the same thing. Go to your local library or book store and search “NOTHING DOWN”, “NOTHING DOWN FOR THE 90’S”, “CREATING WEALTH”, and/or, “THE CHALLENGE”. In 1995, Allen produced a cassette series titled “THE ROAD TO WEALTH”. This, I also highly recommend. It is a much cheaper route than CS by a long shot!!!
The Allen and Sheets info is virtually the same! The only difference is that Sheets chooses television to advertise and Robert Allen doesn’t.
Plus Allen discusses many stratagies for overcoming your fears of REI!!! Good luck and save your money!

Re: Thinking of making a big decision… but would like some advice. - Posted by Tim Conde

Posted by Tim Conde on April 06, 2000 at 13:48:51:

The best advice I could give you is this…

If you are worried about being taken seriously when you go to present offers on property, do something about it. I learned pretty early in my real estate dealings that I was not able to answer questions, especially the “why should I sell no money down to you?” questions too well. That cost me quite a few deals. So I read a book, the best I could find, on salesmanship. It taught me how to prepare for a presentation, how to address seller’s concerns, how to make them think that this was a great deal for them. This was not a course in lying and deception, it was a course in putting your best foot forward, and getting deals done. It helped me more than anything to build my investing business.


Perception is reality! - Posted by Jim-WI

Posted by Jim-WI on April 05, 2000 at 20:32:46:

If you perceive yourself as someone who should be taken seriously then people will take you seriously. It is similar to the Be Do Have that people say… Be the person you want, Do the things to be that person, and You will have the things you want in life.

Go do a few deals. Don’t get into the paralysis of analysis that most newbies get into.

It will do wonders for your confidence and people will take you seriously. See the circle of life… (too much Disney with my son!) =)

Re: Thinking of making a big decision… but would like some advice. - Posted by Drew-VA

Posted by Drew-VA on April 25, 2000 at 04:54:34:

Tim, I just ordered CS and found this creonline tonight. You wrote that you learned early that you had diffculty answering the question of why a seller should sell to you and that you had read some books that helped you overcome this. Well, your experience is one thing that I have some anxiety about. Please tell me which books/authors you found to be helpfull. Also, I would be particularly interested to learn from some your experiences relating to answering that all important question of why should he/she sell to me.

Thank You, Drew

Re: Thinking of making a big decision… but would like some advice. - Posted by Anthony Henry

Posted by Anthony Henry on April 07, 2000 at 10:54:29:

Hey Tim great idea, howeverrrrr what was the title of this book man…:slight_smile:

Anthony Henry

Re: Thinking of making a big decision… but would like some advice. - Posted by Tim Conde

Posted by Tim Conde on April 07, 2000 at 15:54:15:

Mine is HOW TO MASTER THE ART OF SELLING By Tom Hopkins. I bought it at a library sale for a dime. To be honest, though, any good book on salesmanship would be worthwhile.