Thirteenth Warrior for Newbies - Posted by $Cash$

Posted by $Cash$ on July 19, 2002 at 20:43:29:


Glad to meet you.

You are probably thinking about how many newbies, don’t make it(die)in this business unless they read your excellent posts and heed your very good advice.


Thirteenth Warrior for Newbies - Posted by $Cash$

Posted by $Cash$ on July 19, 2002 at 18:10:28:

When you ask a question on this board, the reply may be check the archives or that question has been asked 99,999 times and probably has been.

When this board was brought to my attention and I first started listening, I took Antonio?s position in the Thirteenth Warrior, just set back and listened until the language made sense to me.

Now I am ready. Went to the archives, plugged in 1492, to see what was going on with Chris and see if he bought our sold anything while he was here, to my amazement nothing on Chris. O.K., just ask a question. ?What about $Cash$?? 6,932 posts; now I?m getting somewhere. All I have to do is select the right post that pertains to me and makes the most sense. See how easy this is?

Then I saw posts on Sub2, Subject two, this really garnered my interest. Wait a minute. The loan stays in the owner?s name and ?hey, that?s what I do?. Seven years buying and selling and I never heard the word Sub2. Boy, when I found out what I did, I really felt stupid, thus my post ?I buy Sub2 that?s what I do?. Whenever I purchased a house from a Seller, I would just say, ?the Trust Deed must stay alive for our protection?. The Trust Deed meaning the ?Loan? it just sounded better than saying ?the loan stays in your name.? Now that I know what I do, it has been an inspiration.

Then I read a post by Joe Kaiser regarding ?post it notes?. Joe was sincerely trying to help out a newbie poster in story form, instead of just saying ?you are making a mountain out of a mole hill?, got it! Joe?s son solved an engineering marvel at 5 years old. Joe lost $10; I liked that part of the story.

?Out of the mouth of babes?, never ceases to amaze me. Could I possibly learn something from a ?newbies? question? or from there knowledge about other things they know that might help me?

So then my advise to a newbie would be take Antonio?s position, listen for awhile, then ask your question that has been asked 99,999 times. The worst that can happen is someone will tell you to check the archives or say that question has been asked 99,999 times.

Do not stop asking, this is how we all learn.

To all the old timers, remember I am a newbie here myself.


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Posted by Tim Fierro (Tacoma, WA) on July 19, 2002 at 20:26:14: