Thoughts on buying MH's in Senior Parks - Posted by Brian M

Posted by IdahoRob on March 28, 2000 at 19:29:21:

Hi Brian
Have a question for you. How long ago did your read lonnie’s book?---- May I kindly direct you back to Lonnie’s book. There you will find that he does not advocate new investors buying in Senior parks. Why–you maybe asking— because you are cutting way down on your buyers----cutting out the young familys that need an extra bedroom and want something they can call their own. Or others that are moving up or down in their life. but are not seniors. You know seniors can also buy in a family park. Think you get the pic.
By the way there are a lot of mobile homes for sale in Senior parks for one reason—the demand is low–at least in my market. Wonder how long I would have to sit on a mobile I bought here before I could sell it-----naw — I don’t even want to think how many months at $300 per month I would have to shell out.
Hope you won’t have to ether.
Rob Harris

Thoughts on buying MH’s in Senior Parks - Posted by Brian M

Posted by Brian M on March 28, 2000 at 12:49:28:

Well it took me 2 years of passively reading this site before I took any action. I finally bought Lonnie’s Book and was able to do my first 2 mobile home deals last month. Now I am pumped up and ready to start buying and selling everything I can get my hands on. But, before I make a mistake that puts me into a hole I had a couple of questions for other MH investors out there.

Do people on this site buy homes in senior parks or do you just stick to the family parks? My thoughts are if you can get a good deal it shouldn’t matter if you are in a senior park or not

Also, if you do business in senior parks do the park managers give you grief about being under 55 even though you aren’t going to be living there? I am 26 and am wondering how park managers might view me buying homes in their park.

Any and all advice is appreciated greatly.

Brian M.