Time factor - Posted by Keith Collette


Posted by Tom in NE on January 11, 1999 at 09:04:53:

The more time you put into it the more you get out of it. He tells you it’s a numbers game which is true so the more property you look at the better your chances of finding a real don’t wanter.
I looked for 3 or 4 months tell I found something worth getting but even then I didn’t get it no money down, Think I could have if I had spent more time but it still pays for it’s self.


Time factor - Posted by Keith Collette

Posted by Keith Collette on January 10, 1999 at 22:17:49:

I have just purchased the Sheets program and was wondering about the time involved.I know how agressive one is determines how much time one should spend.I work up to 60 hours plus during the summer.During the Sheets infomercial they claim that very little time is needed to be successful.I was wondering if someone could give me insite from there experinces.