Time to change I NEED HELP!!!! - Posted by Kenneth Hocking

Posted by David Alexander on May 26, 1999 at 24:56:17:

It sounds like you’ve already read everything on this site, if not do so, success stories etc. Anything you do for quick cash will in essence just be a job. But, some ideas are Brokering Notes, flipping houses, go out and look for some houses in your neighborhood, ugly, vacant, FSBO signs, and start calling some numbers.
it take a little bit for you to get the feel of what a deal is but that’s ok, what your really looking for is motivated sellers, and you’ll know, if you talk to them long enough. Find the local RE Meetings and make some friends with Investors, call I buy houses ads, and learn there criteria. Then find some motivated sellers and put the houses under contract, go sell your contracts(flipping). After you learn how to make the quick cash, then learn how to produce Cash flow and Passive Income, Notes are the best vehicle for that.

Pick up the Book by Robert Kiyosaki, Rich/Dad poor Dad and The Cash Flow Quadrant, Ron Legrands Quick turn Real Estate I believe it’s called, The Real Estate Money Machine by Wade Cook(concept is good), Deals on wheels and makin Money with Mobile homes.

Go Get em

David Alexander

Time to change I NEED HELP!!! - Posted by Kenneth Hocking

Posted by Kenneth Hocking on May 25, 1999 at 19:59:37:

I found your site trying to find Carlton Sheets on the web.

I havent looked at any other site in two days!

Here is my story for better or worse if anyone can help I would be eager to listen!!!

I moved to just north of Houston TX with a consulting company and exactly 36 days after I closed on my house I was laid off the company lost some major contracts and the LIFO system applied to me…

So here I am, Selling Pre Paid Legal insurance to make the mortgage payments and what extra I can without just blowing out my savings.

This is where I need help.


I have a Degree in Business Economics and a minor in Finance. So this Paper stuff really has kept me from Sleeping the last couple of nights. My wife says i look like hxxl. Probaly the result of the less than 7 hours sleep in 2 days.

I need focus what would anyone suggest that I focus on first. I am willing to be the student of anyone than can help me feed my family.

I don’t have a lot of cash to put up as I need it to cover the bills for the next month or so.

Am I just wishing here or is this something I could really do and not have to be at the mercy of someone else’s financial decision(layoff) ever again.

All I need is about $4,500 a month right now to break even on all expenses.

I can be the eyes, ears and legs of anyone that is willing to help mentor me??

What should I do???

Please Help Focus me

Thanks in advance

Kenneth Hocking (TX)