timid about investment buying - Posted by Celia Smith

Posted by Tony-VA on January 02, 2001 at 04:56:51:


You are on the right track. The desire is there, you have taken the first step and purchased a course. The next hurdle is all in your head. This is ACTION. Most new investors have the same hurdle. It is fear of the unknow, fear of failure or simply just fear. We are stepping out of our comfort zone and going against what are friends and families might encourage.

Education is the first step in overcoming this fear or apprehension. Simply buying and reviewing the course does not put money in our pocket however. That is why I would hazard a guess that a large majority of these courses never leave the shelf once purchased. The techniques are valid but they do require us to take action and apply them.

You may try finding a local real estate investment group. You might read the “How To Articles” here and “Success Stories”. From them you can narrow your field of interest. Most of the courses here will specialize in certain investment techniques. This specific knowledge can be what it takes to get you over that hurdle. In reviewing these more specific techniques, you will likely begin to follow the other forums at this site. From there you will meet people making a living doing the type of deals you are interested in. You will be able to ask and answer questions, make friends and find mentors that can help you as you encounter deals.

You are not alone out there. Use the contacts here to help you remain confident and help you through questions. Before long you will be up and rolling. Or the alternative is to simply let that course from last year remain on the shelf and simply dream of retiring in 5 years. The choice is yours. You have it within you to accomplish either.

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timid about investment buying - Posted by Celia Smith

Posted by Celia Smith on January 01, 2001 at 17:33:58:

I ordered Carleton Sheet’s course over a year ago. would love to really increase my financial worth through buying and selling real eatate. I want to be able to retire from my present job in 5 years; then invest in real estate buying full time. but need more guidance on investment techniques and if certain properties are good investments. I am afraid of making a bad deal. I sure can’t afford to do that!
I do need help to get started!