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Posted by Frank Chin on September 09, 2003 at 16:23:46:


I got your e-mail but was sidetracked with implementing a new tax, the “Waste Tire Management Fee” at my business that would cost every New Yorker $2.50 for every tire they buy starting this Friday 9-12-03. This is on top of the higher sales tax of 8.625% imposed this year.

Thanks, Mr. Pataki.

As to the Law firm, their WEBsite is

and the firm name is “Speigal & Utera”

While they are located on John Street, downtown Manhattan, they take information and payment by credit card over the phone, and can deliver the stuff to your house with a delivery charge. I picked it up myself as I had the time.

Rates quoted is for a two week turnaround, and they charge extra if you need it quicker than that. I had them do a “C Corp” for me, and they charged me $164.95 as advertised. Keep in mind this INCLUDES the state filing fee of $160.00, the Corporate book, and Corporate Seal, as well as the Writeup of the initial Corporate meeting. How many lawyer want to make $4.95 per incorporation, doing all of the above.

But they charge additional for:

-Quicker turnaround
-Completing a State Filing Form for another $50.00 (I’ll have to look up what form it is)
-S Corp Selection if you need it.
-Getting the EIN number.

Whatever the total was, it beat rates quoted of $600.00 to $1,500.00 for local attornies. Some of them told me I have to pay extra for the incorporation book, and a friend of mine had to go and get a Corporate Seal himself, after paying over $1,000.00.

They are currently advertising NYS LLC setup for $364.00. You have to check with them what the turnaround time is, and what it includes, and any other charges.

There’a a local firm called “We the People”, not a law firm, but one that engages in filling out paper work (I forget the term use for such businesses), charges $399.00 for doing a LLC setup. They have an office down the street form me in Bayside. According to their ads, they are much cheaper than Law firms.

So $364.00 price from a real Law firm for LLC setup is not bad in comparison.

Good luck.

Frank Chin

To: Frank Chin - Posted by RonNY

Posted by RonNY on September 09, 2003 at 10:48:29:

Hello, My name is Ron and I was reading a post of yours on creating an LLC in New York.

I am looking to start into the world of Real Estate investing and I am looking to put my legal structure in place and since I am advised to do an LLC, here I am.

You mentioned you used a cut rate law firm to put things in place and I was wondering if you still the information to contact them for their services.

I live in the Bronx, but I’m in Queens quite often. So if they are in Queens it’s no problem.

Thanks in advance for your help. I wish you continued success.