To: Jackie In Dallas - Posted by Nick


Posted by Jackie in Dallas on February 26, 1999 at 11:28:02:

Hi Nick,

Sorry if I came on too strong.

I’ve been getting a constant bombardment of e-mails from someone that is promoting Kevin Myers.

For some reason they think it is necessary to
DIS-credit me in order to promote him.

Because of your reference to Mr. Myers, I thought you were the person or one of the persons responsible.

I am not trying to be in any kind of competition with Mr. Myers so I just don’t understand where it is coming from or why. But I would like to put STOP to it - it’s getting REAL old.

I don’t sell any books or courses - what little advice I do share is FREE and only here on Creative Real Estate.

Hope this clears things up.



To: Jackie In Dallas - Posted by Nick

Posted by Nick on February 26, 1999 at 08:13:00:

Hello Ms. Jackie In Dallas;

Hi, there seems to be a misunderstanding, and I want to
clear it up. I do not have any affiliation with Mr. Meyers
what so ever!

I asked a legitimate question and you were offended Ms.
Jackie in Dallas. Why were you offended? I do not know why,
I was not trying to create a flame war or some sort of
controversy here at this website.

Have a nice day Ms. Jackie and thank you for the wonderful service that you conduct here at this website. I
really appreciate it and I always absorb your posts and
articles voraciously.