to much? - Posted by Ian

Posted by Phil Pelletier on July 03, 2003 at 24:51:19:

Even if they missed a decimal (real price $1,800), that place would be to much. Any place in a rented lot has dropped in value the past two years. I understand places in San Fransisco have rented lot mobile home parks that can command that much in trailers, but probably not in Southern Maine. A NEW home can be as cheap as $30,000 delivered (not set up on a foundation, mind you, but you can probably see my point).

There is no reason that place should sell for that much unless it includes the land.

Phil Pelletier

to much? - Posted by Ian

Posted by Ian on July 02, 2003 at 15:00:52:

I have never bought a MH. I have been offered a single wide, old(30yrs, I am told), situated in a nice park($150/month). I have seen the place, it needs “some” work which I can do. Asking price $18000, this seems way to much. What are old single wides going for? This is in Southern Maine about 8 miles from ocean.
Any comments greatly appreciated.