To: ROB FL about RE license in FL - Posted by chris

Posted by Rob FL on December 17, 1999 at 09:57:38:

Since I didn’t mention it, I have a broker’s license. A saleman’s license is the first step, but it has its limitations becuase you do have to work under the supervision or “hang your hat” with a broker. There are plenty of ways to have the salesman’s license and function just fine with access to the MLS. Our MLS in Orlando is on the internet so it can be accessed from anywhere.

Of course my goal with licensing from day one was broker all the way. I like being in total control of my business.

To: ROB FL about RE license in FL - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on December 16, 1999 at 17:32:50:

I noticed in a previous post that you have your license in Florida. What is the cheapest way to get the license? Is it more involved than passing a test.

I am not interested in working for a real estate office, but I do like the idea of access to the MLS, half of the commission,legal access, etc.

Do you recommend going to a local bookstore and purchasing one of the test help manuals that help prepare you for the license, or is there a more preferred way to do it. What would all of the goodies such as the MLS cost if you do not work for a RE company, but you are licensed?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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Posted by Tom FL on December 17, 1999 at 07:09:11:


First let me tell you I’m a licensed broker in Dade county area.

Read Carmen’s post in detail. You must first become a licensed sales-person and hang your license with a Broker. You cannot operate on your own as a salesperson. The Broker that you hang your license with is ultimately responsible for your actions.

You must have your salespersons license for 1 year before you can take the Brokers course and test for a Brokers license.

In other words you do have to pay your dues.


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Posted by Carmen_FL on December 16, 1999 at 18:58:27:

Here is S. Fla there’s only one big “school” that has all the courses, but they are also offered at “night school” and colleges. The big-school course costs $399, and as Rob said is for 45 hours. You need to take the in-class test, then the state exam, which cost about $80 a year ago.

You will need to find a broker who will let you “hang” your license, without requiring you to actually show up. You cannot work as a Real Estate Agent without working for a Broker. There are some “100% split” brokers out there, some who charge you monthly “desk” fees and some who charge you a per-transaction fee. Others will let you hang your license for “free” but for an 80-20 split on any transactions. You probably won’t be working for any of the “big name” firms - they like full-timers. After a year, if you’ve kept your license active, you can take the broker’s course and exam, and then you can open your own “brokerage”.

To have access to the MLS, you will also need to join the Board of Realtors - about $700 in Ft. Laud. That’s a yearly fee. Depending on your board, this may include software and access to MLS, or you may need to pay a monthly fee for access.

The MLS access, your split on any sales/purchases, and light legal help (the non-creative type that just keeps you out of trouble), are the main advantages of being a Realtor. As part of a “professional association” you can get access to services such as group health care and a credit union. You also can get discounts on the “tools of the trade” like cell phones, pagers, voice mail, auto leases, etc. - although usually you can find better deals on your own.

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Posted by Rob FL on December 16, 1999 at 18:11:36:

In Florida to get your salesman’s license you are required to take a pass a pre-licensing class, 45 hours I believe, and then take a state exam. I took my class at a local high school at night. Contact a local broker and maybe they can tell you where to go in your area. Otherwise call FAR in Orlando. Their website is

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Posted by danny on December 17, 1999 at 08:07:11:

In some states you can take the brokers test right away (if you have a college degree). Just an FYI.