To show or not to show?!?!? - Posted by bushman

Posted by Lonnie on February 04, 2002 at 08:42:50:

Until I?m sure the deal flies, I tell other callers that I have a contract working, but I?m not sure if it will be approved. Then I ask them to leave their name/ph # in case it doesn?t. And I still continue to show the home to other good prospects. By doing so, you will generate possible sales for other homes, and build up a list of potential buyers.

Good luck, and welcome to mobile home country,


To show or not to show?!?!? - Posted by bushman

Posted by bushman on February 04, 2002 at 06:11:30:

Need some legal advice here…

I will post on the legal site as well, but hopefully someone here has run into this…

We have our first mobile sold with a signed PA and a deposit. However, she has to go through the PM for approval at this point. We said we would not sell the place to anyone as we have a deposit and signed PA (subject to PM approval), but can we still show the place?

We have recieved many calls on this home and do not want to be wasting precious time while PM is running checks.

Is there any law stating we can not SHOW the home – that is we are telling all folks we would show that the home is sold (trolling for interested buyers that might want to look at future homes, of course) but we have others we are about to purchase…OR is this something we need to have in our PA?

Just some advice needed and nothing submitted will be considered “legal” advice, etc…