To those selling on a L/O, would this help? - Posted by Ricky Suarez

Posted by Scott (ATL) on September 09, 2003 at 07:21:38:

It sounds useful to me. I do find however that a lot of my traffic is phone even though I plaster my web site everywhere. I’m a “computer geek too” so I’m all for automation. I don’t have enough volume at the moment to warrant more than just standard web forms but a “finders” web site isn’t a bad idea of course I’d want it to be a web service so I could access it programmatically (Sorry I had to dive in to tech speak).

What kind of fee are you thinking about?


To those selling on a L/O, would this help? - Posted by Ricky Suarez

Posted by Ricky Suarez on September 08, 2003 at 23:03:18:

I have built up a relatively large buyers list here in my local area, and whenever I take a property sub2 I turn around and sell it on a L/O in no more than a week tops.

Due to the elaborate marketing systems I have in place it would be a no brainer for me to expand what I’m doing and easily build a nationwide buyers list - including the type of property they are looking for, how much they have to put down, how much they want to pay per month, what area they are looking in, etc. Hardly any extra work.

I could easily set this up so you could even go to my website (OK I’m a computer geek too!), enter some basic info about a property you are trying to L/O and my system would match you up with people in that area looking for that type of house.

To those who sell on a L/O, would you find something like this useful, or do you find it easy enough to just put out a few signs, place an ad or two, and you get all the buyers you need to move your houses fast? Just wondering if this might be worth doing if enough people are interested…