Tony VA/NC Re: Negotiation - Posted by Glen SoCAl

Posted by Tony-VA/NC on September 24, 2003 at 10:17:12:

There has been much debate centering around the length of notes. Craig for instance has stated he prefers very long pay off periods. Others, like myself had preferred 36-48 month payoffs. There are a series of posts (and post on similar topics) in the archives. I could not do them justice here in one post.

Negotiation tactics do not change. The wording or application may change but even in my rental units, I still use the “investor” higher authority approach. I still screen buyers over the phone before responding to the property (unless I am standing there when they call).

I simply changed my direction to buying and renting land/home packages and the units in my small park. The techniques used with the tenants are much the same as my post you quoted. In many ways they are a simple adaptation of those used in Lonnie’s books.


Tony VA/NC Re: Negotiation - Posted by Glen SoCAl

Posted by Glen SoCAl on September 23, 2003 at 21:17:05:


I read an old post you made concerning negotiation:

Good post.

I was wondering if your negotiation techniques have changed much since this post.

You mentioned payments spreading from 36 to 48 months. Is 48 the magic number to NOT go beyond?

I’ve never sold a mobile, but while puncing in numbers on my financial calculator, I mentioned a 54 month figure to a friend that lives in a mobile (I was considering partnering with him on a few deals), and he balked at that duration of payments, saying it seemed too long. Do you not go beyond 48 months? I guess every deal is different, but have you developed some sort of guideline for yourself?

I liked your approach to a rebuffing a buyer’s request to know the ‘sale price’ in favor of a ‘reasonable and negotiable’ figure. Do you still tell the buyer that only written offers to pay cash will be entertained?

Generaly, has your approach to selling mobiles changed much in the last couple of years?

Thanks, Glen