Too much compeitition? - Posted by charlie mccullough

Posted by shawn hobson on May 03, 2000 at 17:54:43:

whatever you do don’t give up, find the niche and exploit it. There has to be a certain feature or service that is not being provided by the competition, find out what it is and start there just simply focus on that one thing. Theres probably even a R/E investment service that your competition needs that you can provide for them. Hang in there.

Too much compeitition? - Posted by charlie mccullough

Posted by charlie mccullough on May 03, 2000 at 13:53:35:

I have see in the classifieds of my local paper, “I buy houses”. I have seen several of these adsin the paper and on little sign boards around town. Should I give up before I start?

Re: Too much compeitition? - Posted by CH

Posted by CH on May 05, 2000 at 17:17:56:

If I was you Igive up. I be scayred of sign and adsin the paper. Compeitition would make me stick my head in the toity and hide. Those nasty signs and adsin the paper would probly by house before I could, specially if i spent all my time worryin about this and that instead of goin and lookin at houses or callin them people with them i buy houses ads to find out if they just might have em a house I could by to git started or find out what kinda house them people look for in case I found one of them houses and could tell em about it and pick up a little cash for my troubles. Ya just never no, them people who do them ad things might be gettin kinda big in there britches and you might be able to outrun em to a house if you was a wantin to and not worried about them ads or how much this or that program cost.

It’s purty clear you can read and git on the internet and study so there ain’t nuthin keepin you from doin the same thang as them other people if you was a wantin two and wanted to make your life better.

Just my two cents four what it be worth charlie mccullough (all lower caps)

How much do you trust yourself?.. - Posted by HR

Posted by HR on May 04, 2000 at 20:22:25:

Should you give up before you start?

Honestly, when I see a post like this, I think, This dude ain’t got a chance…

Let me be charitable, though, and interpret your post in its most favorable light. Let’s suppose that what you are really asking is, Can there ever be too much competiton, and what should I do about it?

First, houses aren’t like Tylenol: you can’t just go down to the local drug store and buy one. Tylenol is a perfect product in a perfect market: it is always the same, everywhere, at all times, and (usually) at the same price.

Houses are different. Houses operate in an imperfect market. The prices vary. They are not equally comparable. They are not always located on the “shelf”, ie. the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In fact, the best deals have to be dug up. Digging for those deals, though, takes work. Hence, the marketing you have seen (ads, bandit signs, etc).

Don’t place too much respect, though, in those marketing techniques. While they can work, they ain’t stealin’ every deal in your local market. Far from it. There are plenty of deals right under your nose. Do you know what they look like? Do you trust yourself to find one, tie it up, and turn it into profit?

Forget worrying about the competition. (Learn how to turn the competition into your flip customers…) Worry instead about how you can learn this biz and make some fast cash.

Should you give up? I think so. Despite what some gurus suggest, this is a tuff biz. The meek get crushed. If you have to ask if you should do it or not, you already have your answer.

Here’s what I wish you had said:

I’m a desperate man. I gotta improve my lot in life. I’m tired of not getting ahead. I got to make this real estate investing stuff work. I see guys in my market advertising, and, if they can do it I can do it. Help! I got to make this work…

Ohhhhhh Weeeeeeeeee! Send in the Seals for that brother. Give him the best ideas, suggestions, and advice we got. Help him get thru the early gunfire and mistakes that can kill a newbie. Hold on brother; help is on the way!!!

Should I give up before I start?

Dude, you already have.