Too New To Be a Newbie - Posted by Gumby

Posted by Chris(AL) on July 02, 2002 at 12:42:21:

Clair what techniques did you use to buy the houses and put money back into the sellers hands.

Too New To Be a Newbie - Posted by Gumby

Posted by Gumby on July 02, 2002 at 11:05:52:

Hi there. I’m not even a newbie, not even active in “REI”, but have thought hard about trying to do this on the side.

what i would love to know is, what do i need to read up on that will help me get started in the right direction? laws, etc?

i’ve read a lot of posts on here, and it’s obvious that if someone knows what they’re doing and has the “guts” to do it, then this is a way to help live the “american dream”.

i’m not gonna lie, i have no clue about what half of you people are saying, but i’d love to find a way to make a better life for my family, get rid of the stress of making ends meet, etc.

my situation? eh… i work for the govt, make good money for not having a degree, live right by a military post (lots of turnover), but i travel a good deal keeping me away from my family.

i’ve read all the comments on, “no, the system doesn’t work, YOU WORK”. so, i get it that it’s up to me to do this, and you all seem very encouraging to one another. i’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

ps - had a failed marriage in the mid-90’s, ex bought the CS program and it still sits in a box in my basement. not gonna make any excuses, i’ve been lazy and scared that i won’t understand a darn thing about it and what my current wife/family will say.

pss - yes, i own a home, got it from a “motivated seller” before it hit the market a few years ago.

as you can tell, i have no clue.

thanks for listening.

welcome! good reading. nt - Posted by Andi (CRO)

Posted by Andi (CRO) on July 02, 2002 at 16:31:19:


Re: Too New To Be a Newbie - Posted by Matt KY

Posted by Matt KY on July 02, 2002 at 16:03:30:

im a newbie too, ive got a few good leads, should have lease option deal or two under my belt soon.

i would suggest not even reading the carleton course. its just no good in my opinion. buy ron legrand’s cashflow generator and his lease option course.

those 2 items taught SOOOO much in a short time and now im out making it happen!

just my 2 dimes.

Re: Too New To Be a Newbie - Posted by Clair-MO

Posted by Clair-MO on July 02, 2002 at 11:51:35:

Your problem is a matter of self-educating yourself in the real estate investing business so the first thing you need to do is simply unwrapped the Carleton Sheets Course and start to read and write down any questions you might have about what you are reading. You need to set a period of time for you to educate yourself by reading everything on, articles, comments, archives, and join the chat room to net-work with others in similiar position that you’re in. Join in the discussions in the chat room and if you don’t understand what is being discussed, ask questions to help clarify what you don’t understand. In 6 months you will have an ample supply of understanding and knowledge of what REInvesting is and learn the techniques of Carleton Sheets course where they are part of you and you can “think creatively” automatically when you are ready to look at properties and talk to the sellers to buy their homes. It took me nearly 9 months to read the Sheets’ course 7 times with a lot of questions written down in the workbook when I bought my first transaction for a package deal for 7 homes! I had bad credit and used several techniques from the Sheets’ course to buy the homes for $157,000 with nothing down and the seller walked away from the closing table with $157,000 in his pocket.