Top this one - Posted by Gerry (NC)

Posted by Dave(WNC) on February 15, 2002 at 11:25:18:

Hi Gerry,

I am not surprised about the ads. How did they know or why did they assume that you were a business? Did you allude to it by accident?.

Why not run in the Carolina Trader?


Top this one - Posted by Gerry (NC)

Posted by Gerry (NC) on February 15, 2002 at 11:08:57:

Top this one-----I just ran an add in the Fayetteville Observer. I wanted to run ?Handy
Man Special?. Can?t do that…its discriminatory So I had to run Fixer-Upper. Can you
believe that? Also because I appear to be a business it cost $12 more.
Ya Gota love it…

Here’s some - Posted by wayne-pa

Posted by wayne-pa on February 17, 2002 at 18:53:06:

The Pgh Post: can’t us the word “Luxury” had to replace with “Beautiful” ? and can’t say its a nice area.

Re: Top this one - Posted by CAW (OR)

Posted by CAW (OR) on February 17, 2002 at 03:56:38:

I wasn’t allowed to put “walk to the park and shopping” in an ad. Nor would they accept “Walking distance to park and shopping”, because that was discrimination. And why, I asked, is that discrimination? Because not everyone can walk, was the answer I got.

I can top it! - Posted by GerryH Va

Posted by GerryH Va on February 15, 2002 at 21:26:23:

I think I can top it!!

Lynchburg VA News and Advance…

If you use your cell phone in the ad you must prepay. However, if you use your home phone you will be billed. Even if you list your home phone ALONG with your cell phone, you still need to prepay before the ad even runs. Big pain as you don’t know how long you want to run the ad until it actually goes in the paper.

Thier logic for this is “people don’t know they are calling a cell phone (who cares!!) and it is harder for the paper to track you down for billing purposes if you just list your cell phone”. They tell me this after they already have my info in thier database and I have been receiving the stinkin paper at my front door for over a year now. Harder to track me down???

Go figure??

Gerry H

Re: Top this one - Posted by Joe P (VA)

Posted by Joe P (VA) on February 15, 2002 at 11:26:05:

HA! I ran an ad in my local newspaper and because i was selling a mobile home that i wasnt living in, the cost was $90 more! go figure