Transportation of m.h.'s - Posted by Fl. Kevin

Posted by Fl. Kevin on April 03, 2002 at 22:01:55:

Basically ya do have to have A Dealers license. Inspector is “laxed” on some isues of the biz& know’s exactly what I want to do. 10x10x7 office space in A “business distrct of town/city”. My main concern (for the moment) is how could I conduct business while working another job. Placing A sign on the door “By appointment only” & utilizing cell phones to conduct biz. Many insurance companies out there who will give me A 25k bound for A small monthly/yearly fee. I don’t have (or need) any “lots” at this time. Although thats the state of mind by many who don’t understand what I’m trying to do here. Of course this wonderful state would rather me have A “lot” to show all of my beautiful (make-beleive) m.h.'s ,that I don’t have. The state lays down the law by the people. The enforcer’s follow the law & explain it to you. From what I’ve been explained to, I don’t need A lot. I do need an office that the enforcer can inspect at any time (of course "By appt. only"LOL!). I’ll have alot of time(more than $$$) invested into this before I get started here. Catch ya latter pac.

Transportation of m.h.'s - Posted by Fl. Kevin

Posted by Fl. Kevin on April 03, 2002 at 10:16:16:

Hey all,
I might of found someone who has recently been willed more empty,used m.h.'s than he knows what to do with. I also know of A park owner who need’s m.h.'s in his park. Challenge is, that the m.h.'s are 500-800 miles between us(the buyer & seller). Could it be possible to deliver these m.h.'s by train? I’ve never heard of such A way but then again I’m just now getting my dealers license too. Thanks gang!

Fl. Kevin

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Posted by Jim Pack (GA-FL) on April 03, 2002 at 10:55:11:

So Kevin,

You decided to go out and get your dealer’s license, huh? They scared you into it?

What was involved?


pac13man - Posted by Fl. Kevin

Posted by Fl. Kevin on April 03, 2002 at 11:29:36:

LOL! Yeah-up… Been talking to much to the DMV inspector for my area. Guess I just wanted to know too much stuff about m.h.'s at that time. So now I should just go into biz without A dealer’s lic.? Especially after contacting the guy(the local DMV inspector) who looks for people without A license. What’s involved with the lic.?? A bunch of %#$@ if ya ask me. Pay $300(after A one day seminar) for A Dealer’s license to then pay the going rate for rent on a 10x10x7 ft. office space(By Law, to use in this type of work, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO HERE) that ya an’t even gonna use the rented space, but are suppose to use it by LAW?! I have found (by luck) A very “cheap” office space to rent And what are my office hours for this rented office, while working another fulltime job on A limitied income? LOL! “By appointment only”. At least that’s what the little sign will say on the office front door. Have learned many “tricks of the trade” since looking into this m.h. stuff. made many,many contacts of all levels of involvement with m.h.'s Nice to hear from you again. So? How’s it be going in your neck of the wood’s?

Dealer Info - Posted by Jim Pack (GA-FL)

Posted by Jim Pack (GA-FL) on April 03, 2002 at 12:25:06:

It’s going ok. Really looking forward to retiring and getting into this biz. I may even start after I get through with this big inspection I have this weekend. I still have to sell my house and move to Jacksonville.

Read my post in response to SURVEY - anyone making money with Lonnie Deals? or something like that. I drove around with a guy in JAX who showed me some of the ropes. None of them had Dealer’s Licenses. I figured that it would be a good thing to have anyway if you are going to try and make a living off buying and selling MHs. Did they say your office could be in your home or did it have to be in some commercial space? Do you have to have a lot? What about the $25,000 bond issue?

From what I saw in JAX, there is plenty of opportunity to make a living off MHs doing Lonnie Deals. I really want to buy a park somewhere near the beach and kick back (ultimate goal). Buy a golf cart and drive around inspecting my kingdom, heh-heh. Let me know more about your situation.

Jim Pack (GA-FL)