Trying to get a contract

Hi folks. New to the forum and seeking an answer.
I am new to purchasing real estate. I have been wanting to purchase a few acres of land. In my area land prices are 6k per acre if you want to live 30 minutes from town and 7-10k if you want to be 10 minutes or less from town. Needless to say, I was very excited to find 5 acres for 30k in town with well, septic, and power. When I drove to the property I was shocked at what I saw. It is in a very nice community, but the land was not well kept. The idiots that lived there before trashed the place. A failed attempt to put an above ground pool below ground, tons of used tires, massive piles of garbage, and even the kitchen sink (and bathroom toilet as well). Oh… a roof as well

Upon seeing all this, I contacted the real estate agent and asked her to meet me out there. When are arrived, she was just as shocked as I was. I guess someone was paid to clean it and did nothing more than yank the mobile home that was on the property off. I offered 20k on it because of the mess. I assume it will take about 80 hours to clean and several waste disposal fees. In the end it would probably cost a thousand in fees and LOTS of time and work. I don’t mind breaking a sweat if it saves me a dime.

About a week later I heard nothing from the agent. I checked the mls listing again and the price dropped to 24k.
I contacted the agent and I got a very confusing story about how she sent pics and the 20k offer to the asset manager of this foreclosed property and the asset manager thought the 20k was a recommendation and not an offer. . But then she explained more clearly and 24k was the counter offer. At which point I said I would accept the counter offer.

Now I am thinking I can get with the agent and sign a contract on the land. . .

Nope… 5 days later I have no contact. She says she is waiting on them to put the counter offer into the system so she can accept it.

What strikes me as strange is. … at this point the listing on the mls website is 24k. Isn’t the counter offer in the system then? ?

Can anyone help me understand this? I really want to seal the deal on this and don’t want to loose out on this opportunity.

I spent a couple hours today on the phone with Chase bank and the asset manager of the property. I had to do a lot of research on who the property was owned by and got the info from the bank/owner on the asset manager.
The real estate agent contacted me an hour after I got off the phone with the asset manager.
I sign a contract tomorrow.