Trying to sell to investors before development. How?

I’ve been part of a group that owns 200 acres of undeveloped land in Central Florida.

It isn’t permitted yet, but is in the process. Obviously, it’s value will increase significantly after permitting, but is there a way to promote land and find investors prior to permitting. It would seem that investors would want to have a part of a large parcel, and, conversely, some of the group would want to sell portions of their interest. Is there a live marketplace or way to essentially sell shares of interest? The traditional answer seems to be to list it, or wait until after permitting, but are there other ways?

Only other way is to find the Florida person who just hit the 1.6 billion lottery.

Raw land is the toughest of all real estate sales situations. There is so much more than the permitting. What is its HIGHEST and BEST use? What are the costs of the water,sewer,electric,streets,curbs,sidewalks, drainage, does it percolate, is it flood prone. how far from city infrastructure …and the list goes on and on.

Never knew a developer who would buy on speculation…to much risk.

If I were doing it I would go to the local zoning and permit person(s) and find out what they potentially see it as best used for. Ask them the questions about the infrastructure, etc. Get and idea of what you are trying to sell other than just raw land. Then maybe if it seems like a good enough return on time and investment…try marketing it.