Two Lonnie (or other big time investor) questions. - Posted by Al Rosetti

Posted by Blane (MI) on February 05, 2001 at 20:34:59:


It’s hard to extrapolate what percentage might be “losers”, but if you follow the formula, there won’t be many. As an example, I have two homes I bought when still wet behind the ears, and they are total screwups on my part. Never should have bought in the one park, and paid way too much for the other. No way I’m gonna get the traditional high yields, 50% and up. Probably 15%-25% at best. Still, compare that to the best paying money market account or CD in the country. Mistakes are inevitable, but if we learn from them, they shouldn’t happen twice.

No reason, especially if you’re saving for a house, that you can’t peel off $30 for Lonnie’s 1st book, $60 or whatever for both, or cash for Lonnie’s or Mr. Tew’s courses. Heck, you wanna buy a house, you do 4 or 5 Lonnie deals at $200/month per deal, and guess what, someone else is paying for your house! Get the wife on board, and maybe she’ll help. Good luck.


Two Lonnie (or other big time investor) questions. - Posted by Al Rosetti

Posted by Al Rosetti on February 05, 2001 at 16:21:55:

Q1) If you do 100 mobile home deals how many become money losers? I’m specifically refering to the “Lonnie” deals where you buy low and owner finance. I have to think that once in a while an owner will steal the home or burn it down or otherwise make a mess of things beyond repair before you make your money back. Any idea?

Q2) Within a few months I plan on buying a Lonnie course. I’d buy it now but my wife would have a heart attack because all of our excess money is being saved up for a new house for us. Could anyone reccomend which course is best for a serious but beginning investor?

thanks in advance,
Al Rosetti