unfair housing discrimination problems in NC - Posted by Nanette

Posted by NC Paul on February 19, 2001 at 20:32:50:

Breaking the fair housing laws is a problem but what are you wanting to do? Are you in the business of righting social wrongs by justly exposing these people to authorities or are you trying to place a qualified buyer into a home? I’d suggest place your buyer first and put some bread on the table, then go after this guy. Even if you nail him to the wall for a violation of fair housing laws it isn’t going to put dime one in your pocket. Your buyer, although rightly hurt and upset, will be much better off if she is mad at this guy from the comfort of her new home in somebody else’s park. For what it’s worth, good luck with whatever you decide to do.

unfair housing discrimination problems in NC - Posted by Nanette

Posted by Nanette on February 17, 2001 at 18:49:47:

Hi. I just got a rejection on a very decent tenant and of a strong opinion that this is an unfair housing situation. I personally did not check her credit. While I was with her, he took her money first, then her application when she returned it the next day. I followed up w/the mgr. giving her a good personal reference. He said that the application would have to be processed and that he had nothing to do with it. I was told by a resident that the park mgr. didn’t have certain “skin colors” in the park. Upon the rejection, I told the applicant to call and find out on what basis the rejection was made (i.e., credit, income). He told her that they didn’t do that. Whatever that means. This mgr. is Vietnamese and there is a language and culture barrier. But I also was told by another park mgr. that the owner is fairly racist as well. Further, by hearsay, I was told of practices of charging additional lot rent for the amount of children. Illegal. And, changing the amount based on the color. Has anybody had any dealings like this. What have you done? Move on? I’ve got to put the police dogs onto this. Comments please.

Re: unfair housing discrimination problems in NC - Posted by Dan (NC)

Posted by Dan (NC) on February 20, 2001 at 12:07:49:

Welcome to North Carolina! And glad to see you’re still pursuing the Lonnie deals. As a master of indignation, I completely understand your reaction. This sort of experience is not too uncommon with the smaller, owner-managed parks. I’ve had managers tell me they’ve got their quota (like zero) of this or that group of people, or will only allow one or two kids (sometimes based on septic capacity). And I’ve concluded there’s very little you can do about it, except find another park. Most folks won’t change, even after being fined a couple times (although the odds of getting fined even once are pretty slim). I agree with Paul that you will only drive yourself nuts if you can’t walk away.