"unworkable" deed??-ever hear of this? - Posted by barryt

Posted by James_MD on March 04, 2002 at 11:38:23:

The title of the deed, so far as I know, is meaningless. What you want to look for is the actual wording on the deed and compare that do a quitclaim, warrenty/ whatever. Reading what it says will probobly clue you in.


“unworkable” deed??-ever hear of this? - Posted by barryt

Posted by barryt on March 04, 2002 at 09:20:06:

hi all:

bless them, our local tax office has all their tax records online, so i can easily look up property info/owners.

they also list deed types for each property (e.g., quit claim, executor’s, warranty). in all my hundreds of lead research, i’ve never come across one like this. a property i’m currently working on describes the deed as: “UNWORKABLE”

uh… ok… i assume that means some sort of really nasty title problem that prevents a deed transfer? i called the assessor’s office and they were absolultely clueless about what it meant. nor could they direct me to anyone who did. nor did they care. thought i’d go with you guys.

thanks for any info if it’s out there…