Update to "boarded up house" - Posted by Marie

Posted by Paul_NY on June 19, 2000 at 21:31:20:

Call the mortgage company in the other state! You’re hot on the trail! Don’t stop now!?!?

What it appears you’ve got here is a bank owned home. The mortgage company probably paid a local contractor to board up the property to ‘secure’ it.

The mortgage company should show up in the county registry of deeds. You will be able to find out the original mortgage amount, the mortgage origination date and the address of the mortgagee. Also, look for assignments, in the registry of deeds, which means the original mortgage holder sold the mortgage to another company.

Your next step is to contact the mortgage company and make an offer based on the information you dig up about the house. Check for overdue taxes too.

Good luck

Update to “boarded up house” - Posted by Marie

Posted by Marie on June 19, 2000 at 16:06:20:

since my orginal post (below) i was able to find out the name of the owner of the house by going to the county’s department of records. problem is all roads lead back to the borded up house. the tax records for the past 2 years list the address of the house i’m inquiring about. the receiver of taxes gave me the name of the mortgage company that the tax payments are being sent to it’s in another state. now what do i do?


a house in my neighborhood that i’ve always admired was recently boarded up with the occupant’s furniture thrown out in the front.
i would love to be able to buy it (rent with option to buy even)
Problem # 1 - have very little money
Problem # 2 - no idea how to go about finding out anything about the house. from what i’ve seen on these boards it would seem i should go to the town’s hall and run a title search on the property? then what?
any help would be greatly appreciated.