Wage Garnishment Process - Posted by Jay Sun (CA)

Posted by Jay Sun (CA) on January 29, 1999 at 14:08:33:

Hello All:

Just received a judgement from court and finally evicting my deadbeat tenant. I was awarded a money judgement for almost $3000.00 and now in the process of a garnishing his wages. Could someone shed some light on how this process works I know I have to file papers at the courthouse but do I have to go to a hearing? There’s also a writ that also has to be executed but what’s that mean? This is the first wage garnishment I’ve ever done so I’m a bit clueless also here in CA what percentage of the his salary am I entitled to?
Lots of questions I know but I would appreciate some response and I realize this is a legal question and will be used for information only. Thank you in advance for your response